Top 100 AI Tools That Can Help Increase Your Revenue

Marketing Automation

  1. HubSpot: Inbound marketing, sales, and service software.
  2. Mailchimp: Marketing automation with advanced AI-driven recommendations.
  3. Adobe Marketo: Marketing engagement, analytics, and more.
  4. Pardot: Salesforce’s marketing automation tool.

Sales and CRM

  1. AI-driven sales acceleration platform.
  2. Salesforce Einstein: AI features integrated into Salesforce’s CRM.
  3. Zoho CRM: With AI-powered sales assistant.
  4. Clari: AI-driven revenue operations platform.

Chatbots and Customer Service

  1. Intercom: Customer messaging platform.
  2. Drift: Conversational marketing and sales platform.
  3. Zendesk: Customer service software with AI features.
  4. LivePerson: AI-powered conversational commerce.


  1. Dynamic Yield: Personalization platform.
  2. Algolia: Search and discovery API for developing product search and discovery experiences.
  3. Kibo Commerce: Personalized, cloud-based e-commerce solutions.
  4. Loomia: AI-powered recommendation engine.

Content Creation

  1. Canva: Design software with AI capabilities.
  2. Grammarly: AI-driven writing assistant.
  3. Crimson Hexagon: AI-driven consumer insights for brand management.
  4. Curalate: Visual commerce platform.

Analytics and Data Science

  1. Tableau: Business intelligence and analytics.
  2. Sisense: Business intelligence and data analytics.
  3. DataRobot: Automated machine learning platform.
  4. BigPanda: AI-driven IT operations.

Social Media Management

  1. Hootsuite: Social media management platform with AI analytics.
  2. Buffer: Social media tools with some AI-driven features.
  3. Sprinklr: Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform.
  4. Crimson Hexagon: Social media analytics.

SEO Tools

  1. Clearscope: Content optimization.
  2. MarketMuse: AI-powered research assistant.
  3. Moz: SEO software.
  4. SEMrush: SEO and marketing tool.

HR and Talent Management

  1. Pymetrics: Uses neuroscience-based games and AI to match companies and candidates.
  2. HireVue: Video interviews and pre-employment assessments.
  3. Talentsoft: Talent management software.
  4. Saba Cloud: Talent development solution.

Financial Services

  1. Kensho: Analytics and knowledge platform for financial institutions.
  2. Darktrace: Cyber defense for financial services.
  3. Ayasdi: Anti-money laundering solution.
  4. Kabbage: Automated lending platform.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  1. Llamasoft: Supply chain design and analysis.
  2. Uptake: AI-driven actionable insights for maintenance, repair, and operations to industrial businesses.
  3. Vicarious: Robotic vision and intelligence.
  4. Freenome: AI-driven genomics for disease detection.


  1. Tempus: Data-driven precision medicine.
  2. Butterfly Network: AI-powered medical imaging.
  3. Zebra Medical Vision: Reading medical imaging.
  4. Ginger: On-demand mental healthcare.

Legal and Compliance

  1. Kira: Automated contract analysis.
  2. ROSS: Legal research.
  3. Cogniac: Visual operations platform.
  4. Verkada: Enterprise building security.

Real Estate

  1. Opendoor: Online home-buying.
  2. Compass: Real estate platform with AI-driven recommendations.
  3. Redfin: Real estate brokerage.
  4. Zillow: Real estate marketplace with AI-powered valuation.


  1. Hopper: AI-powered travel booking.
  2. KAYAK: Travel search engine.
  3. Mezi: Personal travel assistant.
  4. OAG: AI-powered flight status.

Security and Fraud Detection

  1. Darktrace: Cyber defense.
  2. Cylance: Endpoint security.
  3. CrowdStrike: Cloud-native endpoint protection platform.
  4. FireEye: Intelligence-led security solutions.


  1. Qualtrics: Experience management.
  2. Conversation analytics and insights.
  3. Talkwalker: Social listening and analytics.
  4. UiPath: Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Cloud AI Services

  1. Google Cloud AI and Machine Learning: Various AI services.
  2. AWS AI Services: Wide array of machine learning services and tools.
  3. Azure AI: Microsoft’s AI and machine learning services.
  4. IBM Watson: Suite of enterprise-ready AI services.

Open Source Frameworks

  1. TensorFlow
  2. PyTorch
  3. Scikit-Learn
  4. Keras

Education and Training

  1. Coursera for Business: Training with a focus on AI and machine learning.
  2. Udacity: Nanodegree programs in AI, machine learning, and data science.
  3. Pluralsight: Technology skill-building platform.
  4. DataCamp: Learning platform for data science and analytics.

API Solutions

  1. Twilio: Communications API.
  2. SendGrid: Email API service.
  3. Stripe: Payment processing for online businesses.
  4. Mapbox: Mapping and location data.

Niche Tools

  1. Deep 6 AI: Clinical trial patient recruitment.
  2. Jungle Scout: Amazon product finder and research tool.
  3. Nutonomy: Autonomous vehicle software.
  4. Element AI: AI solutions for various industries.

Document and Content Management

  1. Box: Cloud content management.
  2. Dropbox: File hosting service with smart synchronization.
  3. Evernote: Note-taking with AI features.
  4. AI-powered transcription service.

Video and Image Editing

  1. Lumen5: Video creation platform.
  2. Runway ML: Creative toolkit powered by machine learning.
  3. Canva: Graphic design tool.
  4. Unbounce: Landing page builder.

Productivity Tools

  1. Asana: Work management platform.
  2. Trello: Task and project management.
  3. Notion: All-in-one workspace.
  4. Slack: Collaboration hub with smart search, reminders, and other AI features.

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