Unleashing the Internet’s Best Kept Secrets: Top 20 Google Hacks with Examples

Unleashing the Internet's Best Kept Secrets: Top 20 Google Hacks with Examples


Beyond the simplicity of a search bar, Google offers a vast ocean of information and a myriad of features often overlooked by average users. These features, or ‘Google Hacks’, can help streamline your searches, making them more precise and tailored to your needs. In this article, we will delve into the top 20 Google hacks, providing examples that will enable you to harness the full potential of Google’s capabilities.

1. Google Hacks for Exact Searches: Use Quotation Marks

When performing an exact search, the first Google hack to remember is to use quotation marks. This technique restricts Google to find results that match your search phrase exactly as it is, including the same order of words.

2. Google Hacks for Missing Words: Leverage the Asterisk

The second Google hack involves using an asterisk (*) as a wildcard. If you’re trying to remember a song lyric or a quote but can’t recall all the words, place an asterisk where the missing words should be.

3. Google Hacks for Exclusions: Utilize the Minus Sign

One of the most useful Google hacks for precise searches is the minus (-) sign. Using the minus sign before a word (without a space) will omit results that include that word, making your search more focused and relevant.

4. Google Hacks for Site-Specific Searches

This Google hack is incredibly useful when you want to search for something within a specific website. Using ‘site:’ followed by the website URL (without a space) will yield results only from that site.

5. Google Hacks for File Type Searches

If you’re looking for a specific type of file, use ‘filetype:’ followed by the file extension. This Google hack lets you fine-tune your search to specific file types, such as PDF or PowerPoint presentations.

6. Google Hacks for Currency Conversion

Google provides real-time currency conversion, a handy Google hack for travelers or anyone dealing with foreign transactions. Simply type the amount in the original currency, followed by “to”, and then the desired currency.

7. Google Hacks as a Calculator

Google’s search bar doubles as a calculator. Just type in your mathematical operation, and Google will calculate the answer. This Google hack is a quick and easy way to perform calculations without leaving your browser.

8. Google Hacks for Definitions

One of the most educationally useful Google hacks is ‘define:’. Typing ‘define:’ followed by the word will provide its meaning, saving you the time it takes to search and click on a dictionary website.

9. Google Hacks for Historical Research: Google Books Ngram Viewer

The Google Books Ngram Viewer lets you search for phrases in millions of books over the last 500 years. This Google hack provides unique insights into linguistic and cultural trends over time.

10. Google Hacks for Finding Similar Websites

If you want to find websites similar to one you already like, type ‘related:’ followed by the website URL. This Google hack is an excellent tool for discovering new sites based on your preferences.

11. Google Hacks for Flight Tracking

Google enables you to track flight statuses in real time, a Google hack that’s invaluable for travelers and those expecting friends or family from a flight. Simply type the flight number into the search bar to receive up-to-date flight information.

12. Google Hacks for Stock Information

If you’re interested in the stock market, using ‘stock:’ followed by the ticker symbol will get you real-time stock information. This Google hack keeps you up-to-date on your investments without needing to visit a separate financial website.

13. Google Hacks for Movie Times and Locations

Google can quickly provide movie times and locations. Simply type “movies” followed by your city or postal code to get all the information you need. This Google hack is a quick way to plan a movie night without fuss.

14. Google Hacks for Website Information

Using ‘info:’ followed by the website URL will provide information like its cached version, similar sites, and pages linked from the site. This Google hack is a quick way to gather metadata about a site without manually digging for it.

15. Google Hacks for Public Data

Google can provide public data like population or unemployment rates. Make sure to phrase your search query clearly. This Google hack can be a quick way to gather data for research or reports.

16. Google Hacks for Number Ranges

Need to search within a range of numbers? Use two periods without spaces to signify the range. This Google hack is particularly useful for price ranges when online shopping or searching for historical data.

17. Google Hacks for Accessing Cached Websites

If a site is down, using ‘cache:’ before the URL will access its cached version. This Google hack can save you when you need to access information from a site that’s temporarily unavailable.

18. Google Hacks for Weather Updates

To quickly find out the weather in your area or any location, type “weather” followed by the city or postal code. This Google hack will provide current weather conditions and forecasts.

19. Google Hacks as a Timer

You can use Google as a timer or stopwatch. Simply type “set timer for” followed by the amount of time. This Google hack is a quick way to set a timer without needing to use a separate application or device.

20. Google Hacks for Finding Songs by Bands

To find a list of songs by a particular band or artist, type “songs by” followed by the artist’s name. This Google hack helps music lovers discover new tracks or remember old favorites by their preferred artists.


The above-mentioned Google hacks are some of the most powerful yet underutilized tools offered by Google. These hacks can be instrumental in making your online research faster, more efficient, and significantly more targeted. By leveraging these Google hacks, you can convert the internet’s information superhighway into a smooth drive tailored specifically to your needs.

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