After effects over a dead body (مرنے کے بعد انسانی جسم میں پیدا ہونے والی تبدیلیاں)

A new window of things opens up when a body dies. The physical changes a dead body went through after it’s been declared dead has aided scientist to understand, observe and follow through a lot. Just like when a baby is born in the mother’s womb till the time it comes out of, starts inhaling and exhaling and eventually move from born till death through a process created by it’s the One Creator. Similar is the case things happen when the same old baby dies either in childhood, young, adult or at old age.
In this article we will try to explain and inform our viewers what changes occur in a body after its death.

After few seconds

The main central processing unit in a human body is the brain. The human body works on the mechanism of air inhale and exhale. So a dead body may not be able to inhale/exhale. Due to the disconnection of air the brain extracts a lot of air from the body in order to function properly and in doing so it gets hyper and since there is no source of oxygen or brain food so it makes it collapse with the same speed it got hyper and the very next the brain functionality ends.
Moreover the body temperature of a human body starts decreasing with an accelerated speed of (1.6 degree Fahrenheit) or 0.89 degree centigrade per hour. It decreases to a point where the body temperature becomes equal to that of the surrounding temperature.

After few minutes

As been told earlier that the brain stop functioning therefore now one by one it’s time for the other organ to stop as well.

So a cease process gets initiated and during this process since there is no supply of fuel to the body in terms of air, the cell inside the body which creates organs and other things starts dying as well. The cells then starts breaking up and the fluid or liquid whatever it contains starts to pop out from the cells.

<strong  >After few hours

Now it’s time for the body to start getting stiff. It has also been said that calcium within the body starts getting deposit in the ligaments/tendons which at the end is responsible for making the body stiff. This stiffness remains in the body after 36 hours of its death.

When the ligaments/tendons once again start coming to its normal position or starts getting softer than it’s been said the residue or remaining waste releases in the from urine or stool.

Also the flow of blood in the body stops flowing and the force of gravity draws all the blood downwards which gives us the impression that the body is changing its original color and adopting pale color physically. In doing so, there might be some spots left in the body which gives you the impression of the body’s original color before death.


Along with all this since no circulation of blood flow therefore results in the skin contraction throughout the body. An observer might feel that the hairs and nails of the dead body have grown in length whereas nothing of such nature actually took place it is solely because of the contraction of skin.

After few days

Now since the cell within the body has already died and the fluid inside them has popped out leaving behind a un-inhale able fragrance which is really hard to breath in and makes it impossible for an average human being to remain close to the dead body.

This is the stage when the body starts getting rotten up. In this process the bacteria starts to attack the body and starts eating the left behind up to a point when the whole body starts turning pale green in color physically.

After few weeks

As the bacteria has started eating the body completely the dead body becomes their home and they have up till now eaten up 60 percent of the body.

During this period the hair falling process gets initiated, loosen up muscles, tendons and ligaments can be seen visibly and felt as well.

The bacteria don’t stop until they eat the whole body. How one can distinguish that the whole body has been eaten up by bacteria? It’s simple. The Purple color is the indication. Normally in three weeks the whole body gives the sight of Purple Color which says that this body has fully been eaten up by bacteria.

After few months

Now several months has passed by and if the body is placed in such a surrounding having temperature 50 degree Fahrenheit (10 degree centigrade) than all the soft tissues of the body after been eaten by bacteria and rotten up resulting in complete demolishment.

So in four months what is left behind in a dead body is the skeleton and nothing else.

After a year

As been discussed earlier, that after just four months the body decomposes leaving behind only skeleton.

So what happens after a year?

Well after a year it’s been said that teeth is the most durable substance in the body. Also it’s been said that the hip and pelvic bone are also the hardest substance. So if we image that due to bone wear and tear the body’s skeleton is diminishing. Then under such condition a dead body can still be recognized or identified on the basis of dental records. But for that DNA profile availability is mandatory.

This is the law by The Creator that everyone who is alive shall die one or another day. But the most important thing is that why we have been send in this world, why is it such a high priority to recognize our True Creator before death capture us in its paws. Have the world actually seen any such individuals or group of who were actually successful before us in the eyes of The Creator? If yes then we need to understand why they got successful and if not then we need to ask The True Creator of mankind what we need to do to be successful in this world and the world afterwards. (if it exists!)

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