How to lose weight during office work (Part-1)

“You sit a lot! That’s why you gained weight”, this is probably the sentence especially those who do seated office work receives in our society.

Well it is kind of true to some extend that those who does desk work  seldom walks in the office as most of the work they get done sitting for instance ordering peon to get them tea, coffee, water. Through peon they fetch and transfer files to colleagues, superiors etc, and excess use of floor lifts rather than stairs and as soon as they leave office premises the vehicle is right there to take them home.

However there are ways through which excess weight can be reduced. No! I am not kidding man!  You just need to change a few things!
Oh! Now you don’t believe me, okay read further!

Green tea
So from now on, instead of using a lot of tea, simply for the starting replace a cup or two of tea/coffee with Green Tea. As green tea shall not only fulfill your thirst but it is actually also effective for weight loss.


Roasted Potatoes

No doubt that potato is an essential for our daily life diet plan and one of the favorite. It is also very common that potatoes make you gain weight. Which is true up to some extend however, if you use roasted potatoes instead than the same old potato will help you lose weight. Eureka! According to some food nutritionist the roasted potatoes has less calories as compared to fried potatoes.


Smile/laugh often

Well! According to scientist laughing often as much as 15-20 min. can actually help you reduce towards your goal of weight reduction. Because in doing so it will burn 40 calories, fasten your metabolism and even reduce the excess body fat.


Stand Up/ Sit down

I know it sounds odd but you got to do it Johnny boy! All you need to do is to stand up from your seat for a while and then sit down. Simple! Isn’t it! This small activity which you just performed will also aid your body to avoid store excess body fat. So why don’t you stand up and then sit down. Great!

Another way to get this is by taking every call in standing position rather than sitting down. So from now on whenever you get a call or need to call someone perform it while standing.


Tiny bit of office exercise

During office hours you can even perform some sort of exercises when the site you are working on is downloading, some connectivity issue or laptop/desktop not working and the technician is working on that. So you can utilize that time and can do pushups, squats or even can walk 50 odd steps and come back to your seat.  Apart from that you can also perform stretching exercises which will give you a refreshing mood change.

You can start that by setting a timer to yourself as well. The timer can either be on your phone or on your computer.
Also you can utilize lunchtime and can manage a 10 to 15 min walk either around your office or upstairs to downstairs. If the task in your hand has no emergency than you can even take stairs instead of lifts as it will serve as your cardio.

You can even buy light weight dumbbells and place them at your office belonging area, so that you can do that before lunch or any time in between. Just remember that you stomach should not be too full when you are about to perform such exercises.

Another thing which you can do is create a group based on your colleagues, superiors, juniors as well. So that you can perform such activities in a group which will eventually help you maintain that enthusiasm.


No! No! – No Dieting! Only healthy small stuffs
Popcorn! Yes whenever you feel hungry at an odd time means not the lunch or dinner time than instead of filling your stomach with heavy snack try popcorns which is an example of light intake. It makes you don’t feel hungry for a handsome amount of time plus helps in weight loss.

You can even use bananas and raw almonds in your bag, purse or in the car so that you don’t move towards unhealthy snacks whenever you feel like feeding your stomach.


Chew Gum

Chewing gums during your work hours gives you more fresh breath. According to a published study of 2009 gum chewers were more alert and experienced reduced anxiety, stress and salivary cortical—a stress hormone that increases fat cells, leading to increased fat retention, especially around the belly area.

Sit on a stability ball

Using a stability ball instead of a regular chair will help your strengthen your core plus more calories burnt out.


Convert to a standing desk

Yes it’s a fact that you burn more calories while standing. So it will be a good change to replace your sitting desk with a standing desk.


Make Lunch at home and bring to office

You see those who have the habit of eating out probably loves to taste every area food. So when you order a food you only see its tastes and countless times it ends up giving you more calories than you actually required if you have a goal to reduce weight. So it will be best to bring your own calculated calorie food to office.


Balance your salad

If you have develop a habit of taking salad, than second thing will be to balance it. Why? Because if your salad contains only green vegetable than I am sure you starved again by 3:00 pm therefore, it is best to include along with the green vegetables proteins like chicken, eggs, meat pieces, fiber like beans and nuts as well.

Keep sweets out of sight

Initially it will be too hard especially if you are a sweet lover. So for that you can use covered packet instead of transparent jars, or other containers. This will lower your attraction towards sweets and hence result in moving you towards your weight loss goal whereas expose pop corns, bananas and raw almond a lot.



If you are getting sunlight by means of your desk near a window is a good healthy sign. Because virtual light will eventually make you gain weight regardless of what you eat. So for that either you get up early and try to walk/ jog to intake the sunlight before 8:00am or after 12:00 again, by using your lunch time.


Don’t skip that time meal

Sometimes we are that much busy that we skip the lunch and end up eating more than a lot in the evening. So skipping a particular time meal seems as if you are aiding your goal to reduce weight but in reality it losses muscle mass which slows the rate of your metabolism as you are not giving the body the appropriate calories and creates an opposite effect on weight loss.


Work Stress

Too much work stress makes a person inactive which eventually result in watching too much TV and skipping exercises.

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