How to stick to an Active Lifestyle?

Health is itself a blessing in disguise. If one is healthy than he/she shall agree that such person enjoy everything in life. Whether it’s their work, dropping kids to schools, hanging out with friends, a family get together, going shopping, dining out , playing a favorite sports etc. etc. etc. and the list may go and on and on.

On the contrary you do enjoy the above mentioned activities a little lesser if your health compromises a bit. I am sure you will agree with me.

Often we get carried away anywhere either during dining, shopping or any place by seeing a person who is laughing out loud, enjoying every moment of life and he/she is even creating the exact feeling for the person he/she is with. Wow! How can he/she be so happy? What that person has done to get such a feeling? Why am I not like him/her? (No! we don’t. but the truth is such questions do roam here and there in our minds).

Worry Not! If up till now you weren’t living an Active Lifestyle then after reading this article I am sure you will want to.

Oh! I almost forgot.

An Active Lifestyle is a combination of incorporating such activities in your 24 hrs day which make you mentally alert and strong, more physically fit and in shape, socially capable enough to meet people one on one or in a group.

This article is for those who want to improve their lifestyle. It can be possible that as you read by you will realize that most of the things you already know or have initiated then quit. Well the emphasis is on how to get GOING…………… hehehehe

Make a SMART goal and then plan

On many occasions I have met friends, family members and all of a sudden active lifestyle topics drops right in. Boom! I have met people who will get so hyper in a second that they want to start from tomorrow right away and the very next morning they end up putting up an excuse.

So, first of all make a SMART goal that what you want to achieve, if you need to improve your physical fitness than ask an expert how much time it will be required. What sort of activities will it include? If your goal is taking you to a gym than make sure you have enough money to complete the whole phase and not leave incomplete.

Because most of the time you will find people who will say that it’s no use I have started it and look nothing happened ( it’s because you left incomplete, it’s because you didn’t did what you were told in the first place).

So make a SMART goal, write it down for example if one wants a lean body with average fat percentage than SMART goal will be: 30 min with 3-4 days a week work out in a health club. OR If one want to be a mid-fielder in community football team than SMART goal will be: playing at least twice in a week as mid-fielder in the team.

So when you get a goal than start making a plan to get it. I think it will be pretty simple to take 15 or 20 min out from your current lifestyle to make a goal and a how to achieve it plan.

Commit a day to start with

Now when you get all the details than you need to motivate yourself not to start because that what’s we do, we only motivate our self to start. Starting is easy, the real obstacle is to keep going and meanwhile enjoying its benefits as well. So you need to find a way anything which will help you to not only start but keep going and going and going. This is the key.

Make a list of the obstacles which make you quit

I have heard this sort of complain that when we started it we were very excited but with the passage of time the motivation, passion started fading out. So for that you need to list down your obstacles then try to overcome it. Do not emphasis on just one solution e.g. I will only start gym if I get admission in that xyz gym if not I won’t. The key is to keep going until all this activity become second nature to you. Don’t hesitate to take opinions, advises or suggestions from only those who have passed the stage which you at. Avoid those who are as beginner as you are.

Do what you can

Try to be yourself. See what you can do, where you can start from. Starting slow or light weight exercises in the beginning or even after a month or when everybody is preparing for a marathon you are just walking in the track. Does not matter! Forget about others. The key is that you have to be accountable to yourself. If you are giving your 100 percent and still you are unable to increase weight or anything than that is fine. Chill! Relax! You can always improve your technique.

Do it slowly

I have seen guys in the gym who tried to impress their friends or superiors by lifting more than what they can afford which later on result in major /minor injury. Don’t do that. Remember you are here to achieve your goal rather to please others.


Don’t expect anything ….. You are doing it because it’s a part of your goal

Focus on doing the exercise rather than perfecting it in the first place. Don’t commit yourself or pose others that you are playing or doing gym because you are the one who is going to replace Messi or Arnold. NOOOOOOOO! You are here or doing it to improve your lifestyle so doesn’t expect yourself to be Mr. Perfect in the first place. Relax and keep going.

Whenever time compare the current feeling with your previous lifestyle

Out of your current lifestyle, take time to remind yourself that feeling which you have felt before and after the current change. And slowly when you do comparison you will realize the benefits you are getting. For example you will tell yourself that before that I was not able to climb stairs without heavy breath but now I am kind of a enjoying the stairs climbing activity.

Share with others

Even though you haven’t accomplish anything, you are just going with a below average pace, you are finding it difficult to continue but on top of that whenever you are free and you realizes that okay I don’t know how I am able to at least keep going. Believe me! That is a big accomplishment so share it with others despite of the fact they make fun of you or degrade you.

Just keep in mind that you have set a goal to improve your own lifestyle and not theirs and you are working on it and trying to give as much as you can than from my point of view…. Well Done! Keep Going!

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