Web Bluetooth – The Beginning

As we all know that bluetooth is the name of a short linked radio technology which was initiated in 1989 by Dr. Nils Rydbeck with one purpose in mind and that is there should be a device which can communicate with computers. It was an alternative to data cables. It has the ability to connect several devices thus eliminating the problem of synchronization.


In the movie “The Game Plan” you might have noticed that Dwayne Johnson is able to control his TV, music system, light system and other stuffs just with the use of a smart device. This is an example of a smart home.


It’s been called Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), through which you can operate multiple devices for longer period without worrying for too much power consumption of your smart device. Like the name suggest it reduces the power input whereas gives you the same output for using your devices.


Over the past years thanks to Bluetooth which is one of the factors why the developers and OEMs created new products to communicate with so many Bluetooth devices running successfully in the market. Some of them are:
Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard
Scosche RHYTHM
Nike Hyperdrunk+
Pebble E-Paper Watch
Motorola’s H19TXT Headset

Whatever you have read I am sure you knew it very well and in fact we might be using it in our daily lives for sure. But before I am about to reveal to you all I can say that until now the Bluetooth which we have is able to interact only with local devices.

Now what if I tell you this that from now on you will also be able to control devices from your web browser! Wow! No, I am not kidding!


So through Web Bluetooth which is a draft API, lets a user to first scan than select any local IoT (Internet of Things) device within range from that of the webpage. So when the user selects a device from the many multiple IoT devices immediately the web page shall be able to start controlling that device through the Bluetooth Low Energy. Chrome 53 is offering an original trial for this.

Flying a drone from a browser


The work has already been initiated on this. So it will be too early to detect either its effectiveness or limitation. However the biggest limitation currently is that there is no Windows OS support.

As far as security is concern since I already told you that the work is still in progress however, beware that through web Bluetooth there is a great risk that you information can be shared on large scale all over internet.
It can be said that now FB can tally your heart rate to that of the news you are going through or the story you are reading or the picture which you are currently seeing or the video or audio you are playing.
A solution which so far has been proposed by web Bluetooth group is ensuring that the browser knows which devices the user is using to pair with the services. However it still isn’t effective.

Well it is for sure that the Web Bluetooth shall become main stream in a year or so. On one hand there is this new technology with much to offer whereas on the other hand security issues are for sure. Let us wait till some hacker come up with solution to cater the security issues.

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