The 2 Big Storms

The two big storms were enough to revolutionized America and West. The era 1960 revolutionized the Cultural and Educational Institutions of America and West.

One was the Woodstock Festival, held in America’s Max Yasgur farm from 15-18 august 1969. It is popularly known as Peace Festival. More than 5lac people presence was recorded. Its actual theme was the introduction of a new culture replacing the existing one referred as “Counter Culture Archetype”. This thing gave birth to the Hippy Culture. No culture, no ethics, no boundaries, no society, nothing just get free from everything .To extract life fully without any worries people directed their attention towards drugs and other stuffs.

2nd one was when womankind went rogue and headed towards the streets demanding their freedom in a very different way. In 1968, under the supervision of Miss World 150 + women gathered in Atlantic City. In front of the crowd they set on fire their upper under-garment. They named it “Bra Festival” which was later on celebrated in every American and European university and college. Why did they do that? They explained as a protest against mankind, who had given them such nuisance thing only for their own lust. That was the day when dustbins were full of bra everywhere.  Freedom from religion gave birth to secularism which was the root cause for Liberalism. The rise of a thought revolving around the idea that everything such as religion, society, family system, a proper way of life religion expresses is not more than CRAP. Who can stop us if two men or women are interested in each other? In Secularism it is their right and they demand it. Why should we live the way man, society want us to, why should we cover our self up. Why can’t we wear what we want to? Instead of restricting us men should not gaze us.

These religious men convert us into husband and wife for life. Why can’t we lead our life the way we want it and share life without marriage?

All these later on started heading towards Media from there to novels to cartoons etc. Sex Education in the same era was taken as a compulsory subject. The role of the subject was to teach the puberty cross young girls how to improve their relationship with their boyfriends rather than keeping a distance from them till marriage. It also taught them to have fun with the opposite sex and avoid any babies. Women, a moving marketing board whose every body part right from head hair till the last nail get advertised. New professions like sex therapy, family planning, beauty clinic, organizations working against harassment, have entered our society to treat those who are a victim of domestic violence. One among every fourth women gets rapped while the number remains same for those who get married faces domestic violence. In order to cater such things West has adopted two methods. Either increase the difficulty level in the law (which as a result increased violence) or facilitate the victims. The list shall go on and on without stop.

This kind of thinking and way of life has started entering in our society. In other words the party has just started. The question which we should ask our self is that should we adopt this way of life which has ruined the west years back or should we just blindly trust those who set standards for our living despite of the fact it is not beneficial and worthwhile in the long run. It’s up to us to decide.

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