Fact about perfume’s you don’t know

Nowadays in order to smell a pleasant smell perfume or cologne plays an essential role towards our daily life. You will find scents according to occasion. For example deodorant is used after bath, if you are sports person another flavor of scent. Men scent is different from that of women. For going to a party or dinner there is another preference for scents. So this perfume industry has done enormous growth for the past decade. The perfume industry on an average earns £16 billion a year.

‘Through Smoke’ is the meaning of perfumes. Perfume is a latin word which describes today’s world fragrance. Perfume making has its own history. Perfumery is the art of making perfumes which were mainly refined by Romans, Arabs and Persians.

The important thing to notice is that today, you have been told by fragrance companies that whatever the scent is it is natural in fact you are getting your scent from a laboratory rather than straight from garden. So how can they be natural?

That is why your fragrance is causing you trouble. Do you have any idea these perfume companies use 900 to 3000 approx chemicals for manufacturing perfumes which are actually dangerous to your skin and health.

Today, we are going to highlight a few of them.

Breathing issues and headaches

Ever wonder why you get a headache every time you spray on your new expensive scent. Sometime s it has been reported that people finds it too difficult to breathe. That right it’s your perfume. Or we can say that I am feeling headache or breathing issue because of that guy’s scent who was sitting next to me in the bus/train or when met at office. It’s because these perfumes contain benzene alcohol which causes headache, breathing issues and other issues an allergic person often encounters.

Hormonal changes and allergies

There are certain sorts of perfumes available at the market which actually put a direct impact on your hormones. As a result on using that scent on daily basis causes changes in hormones. Same is true for allergies. According to national and international surveys the most common chemical for perfume manufacturing which result in allergy is Balsam of Peru.

So the question arises that what to do if we now know that perfumes which have become a regular element of our lives is actually dangerous. We can’t say all but yes there is number in that.

One solution is making your own homemade perfume.

How to make perfume at home

In order to make, chemical free perfumes at home. All you need is a bottle. Instead of alcohol you can use Almond Oil. For smell you can use lavender or vanilla.

Perfumes are normally made on three bases. That is:
Top note
Middle note
Base note
Top note consist of mint, paper mint or lemon. For middle note Jasmine (chambeli) or lavender is used. Sandalwood is a good option for base note.


  1. Take at least 25 drops of each base and shake them properly.
  2. Now pour one spoon oil of your choice.
  3. Now shake the whole mixture thoroughly and apply them to your body or if you like on your clothes too.

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