5 ways to rescue yourself from car trunk

Life is full of happiness, glory and adventure. One should thank the One Universe Creator for His blessings. Sometimes in life you faced certain scenario which can be labeled as – Unexpected – or – Out of the Blue. It can be a loss of something valuable to you or as hard as abduction or kidnapping.

Let’s see what Clint Emerson; a former US Navy Seal has to say about it.

Don’t Panic

According to Clint Emerson, when you get faced by such situation like abduction, the first thing that can save yourself is to calm down. Signs that you are not calm down will be crying, speaking loudly with the kidnappers, begging them to let me go, trying to use your bare hand force against armed kidnappers. Instead of that calming your self will reduce the panic level. Thinking positively, I will get away from this successfully without harm, believing on your Creator. Above all have patience, show strength and courage by not starting reacting immediately and on every action by the kidnappers e.g. when they abuse you, beat you. It’s not that easy but then you are not in a normal, your favored condition.

Think and Use your Options

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When you won’t panic or somehow you managed to lower the panic meter then it’s time to think. Think what? , Obviously to get out of this misery as early as possible. Think of the ways which you can implement smartly and with care in the same time avoiding kidnappers’ attention.

  1. Emergency Lever

Most of the car manufacturers equipped cars with Internal Truck Release. You will see a lock either in the centre or on the left or right side of the car trunk. Simply pull it away from the lock and release yourself.

  1. Trunk Cable

There is cable which is connected at the end with the lock, you have to search it as it might be under the truck carpet or mounted on the side walls of the truck etc. when you find it simply pull it and bring it in front from back side.

  1. Car Back Seat

Another way, if you are unable to do the above is turn yourself towards the back seat of the car and kick the seat with or push it with power. This way the seat will fall from its place making you see the front side of the car. Unlock the doors and get out.

  1. Car Jack

Normally at the car trunk you will find stuffs like spare tyre, car jack etc. You can also set the car jack inside in the trunk and start raising it as if you are raising the car for tyre change. A point shall come when the truck will not be able to hold and open up giving you a clear shot to rescue yourself.

  1. Car Rear Light

The outer part of car lights are a bit stronger in case to avoid damages whereas the inner area in shallow. So another option is that you can use any stuff from the car trunk or kick the car rear lights from inside. Now from that space you can wave your hand or throw something or write down something and as a indication for other people, a cop nearby that you need help.


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