Product (Part 2)

On the other hand, there are the eyes of the cameramen who are always on the lookout to make the scene more vulgar. In order to do that, actresses are told to walk, stand, run, or lay on bed in a certain way. “Light and shade” are specially used for this purpose. During the recording, her dupatta must slide down to show the cleavage.
When daughter of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Muneeza Hashmi was the General Manager of PTV Lahore Studios, she restricted all the cameramen not to show a lady from behind when she is walking. She used to say that she knows the intentions of camera crew and the producers very well, and showing back is not the need of the scene. They just want to play with the body of a women.
For years I have heard vulgar and miserable discussions of producers, camera staff and editors on the editing table, just to commercialize the body of a women. They would ask cameramen to move camera in such a way that the actress looks sexier. Moreover, they are support by script writer who writer hornier scenes and put out their lust for women.
Also, many stresses who want to reach fame quickly often discuss with camera team that who they can move their body in slow motion among other things to get a more vulgar and strip down look, and these would then tell them how to do it.
Some of the camera staff have such a disgusting attitude towards women that they even show body parts on full focus in a scene where a mother is mourning the death of his son. This is what happened once when a saw a cameramen getting a repeat take of this scene thrice just to get the right body angle.
One can see amalgamation of such script writers, cameramen and producers in a newly released commercial on television these days. A girl goes to play cricket against the will of his father. And her mother support her rebellion. Interesting fact is that the girl reaches the height of fame so fast that she becomes the captain of the national team.
At that time, the script writer does not show how much bribe is given to officials to get into national team as well as the sexual exploitation of a girl is done during this time period. It is done just to show that a girl being disrespectful to his father’s decision is a success.
All the rules of his father are broken in front of his eyes and their girl is shown jumping and dancing. Which in turn means that success has no rules. How can these writers don’t show the stories of majority of girl who went against the will of their parents and got defeated miserably in the theatre of life?
This is the corporate culture for you and the media that flourish on it. The product doesn’t sell unless a women’s body is not sold with it. A woman who in her first 20 years is asked to keep a size zero in order to look slim and smart. While in the next two decades she must put on weight on such portions of the body so that she looks a hot cougar. From nails to hairs, a woman is shown as a product through which a 150-Billion-dollar fashion industry is run worldwide.
Does in any part of the world, a girl comes out of shower with bathrobe on in front of his parents and siblings that her legs are so soft thanks to such and such cream. But the ad on TV shows it to you in front of your family. If someone criticize such ads, then the seculars and the liberals of the society jump to conclusion that the critic is vulgar. But these liberals never criticize the vulgarity of cameramen, script writers and producers.

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