Year 2016

The claim was that we create public opinion. We can show the way to freedom. We present press freedom was not a dictator, but we have a long struggle for freedom. February and March 2016, 29 people have been wrong all these claims. People have proved that you are a coward and interests of the people of Ethiopia, not only themselves, but also writes and speaks in the interests of their masters.

The freedom and sanctity of the pen they believe their ideals and purpose of life, so it will easily be taken away from them. One of the protest of the journalists not to spread throughout the country. These people were so moved Chaudhry’s reinstatement few programs Pervez Musharraf was made that all anchor came on the road with their programs Islamabad and held his program to the public but most did not remember it all in two days. Do not discuss in his elegant office was right or not.

But they wanted. If you look in the history of the great stories of the media will appear to get the story and its purpose. If the day of Asia, was sentenced by a court for the crime of blasphemy from that day to see the program Taseer’s really all TV channels. You’ll see it all the flies Law, Justice and fun of government. Given the state of Pakistan NGOs which aim to promote a particular ideology and Western embassies in the country have won consecutive us, whose group is called civil society.

So misleading names like eighteen million people have four or five hundred people while the rest of the people are decent civil or civil. That these people are actors in these programs come and Asia punishment debate on the blasphemy law court. The tone was mocking and insulting too. Taseer was dragged along with the reason each program. The media know how to master that he thought about it.

But the media was a thief to sell. People do it all the crazy lyrics yet show it again and again and the sentence of his mouth at once torture programs to be provocative. They have a special way. No evil, violence of any kind in Pakistan ‘abused’ He is definitely making the target for vilification. The honor is hzaruun year-old tradition of Sindhi or Baloch society which issued before Islam, but whenever there is a death of honor Will they not call Sindhi or Baloch nationalist rather call the cleric from a weak the house is built and its surrounds will try to prove that the fault of the clergy. Not so crude that a cleric sat on the pulpit prevent such crimes. You hear the cleric. Did you teach him that it is kept for marriage, to call the children’s ears and funerals.
The whole two months caused an uproar on Pakistan television channels. He had sworn to protect the constitution. He said that, in view of this that Pakistan will protect the foundation. The heart of the law and court decisions of the Assembly was to respect. The talk show was dragging him from the words uttered who were suspicious of the law and court decisions. Then one day he went to his death. If the media were silent and covered in his own party and its leader to hide himself away.

So if someone claims that the media’s big names were averse to ban Qadri’s funeral, it was thought curbs on press freedom if no evidence exists in favor of a claim no. Because they were not even want to see his funeral. Show how “the media have brought the people of Islam and Muslims face in the last fifteen years, the Shiite Sunni, Deobandi and Bareilly divisions are engaged in.

I do not pray behind another. There was a death in the media shows that those who had parents who were, but they love the Prophet fought together from every viewpoint. Another weapon was the media that he smashed it does prove that the followers turned violent Islam. But it was so crowded that I could not afford to do that in Pakistan’s history, so peaceful, two funerals in this country in the near distance. A Benazir Bhutto’s funeral and mourning that will oppress all in this country for three days.

Dozens railway stations were torched. Thousands of homes were looted. Asmtyn were the wire and it showed the media and the womb was the hero of their choice out of Zardari, the Pakistan Peace Within Our Reach. But the media were saying that they would not see the beard and turban that would guarantee peace and they did it. But nothing to write his column are the writer’s heart knives don ‘at the heart of the anchor related queries that have spent their lives to prove that it is the only Muslim extremists and terrorists.

Two days have given Pakistan more than 80 media channels were defeated in four or five-inch screen mobile phone and forced to run out the footage social media channels. That violence against our journalists are mourning. How double standards. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto said Pakistan’s highest court sentenced the killer to death. It also says the killing of Pakistan’s media and broadcast directly the anniversary every year. Aimal Kansi murdered two people in the United States. It was the United States, and we have heard this phrase with US Attorney General is also selling his Pakistani capital. On the day she was convicted Pervez Musharraf’s dictatorship, but have been on the program. I was present at the funeral in Quetta. It was shown live.

After bin Laden’s death on television TV channels has not said anything. Expanded artificial fear that will not be detected. But the idea that these are crimes whose case is listed on the heavens R ‘lands. Here the support is convicted of a crime is convicted of the same offense also support the heavens, but the punishment is probably worse than the crime.

Messenger said. Allah sent Gabriel to impose punishment on a settlement “Gabriel said back there is a man who has shown no negligence blink of an eye, your worship. He said. ‘It is unfortunate that Abid and Zahid but did not change its color to honor my face, turned the town over the two (meaning I). Nzrjb were able to say that Pakistan is a victim of Rage Allah is the arrival of floods and earthquakes. I do not know how but maybe now it has been clear. God preserve us from the punishment if our death is certain to be raised in the company of those who love God.

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