Divorce interesting rituals and bizarre rules

If your friends have paid Pakistan bizarre rituals at the wedding of my page will be read. But there are few places in the world where marriage fails, there is a tradition of the religious rituals on the occasion of divorce is not strange, but there are also laws relating to divorce in many countries of the world.

Toilet divorce temple is located in a temple in Japan, which offers its visitors toilet excuses failed marriage. East Prefecture offers the opportunity to explain the reasons for writing the throat skuy and divorce, Koji Minto Temple, the couples marital relations to get rid of paper in Gunma, which is pouring into Flash later.

Divorce mourning ceremony in a church in Germany: This is when a priest in 2000 in Germany, Margot kaysmyn proposed mourning ceremony on the occasion of divorce in all churches of the country.

Disaster divorce certificate: Jing people are members of ethnic minorities belonging to China, who have a certain way of divorce, according to which it can not be the signature house on the divorce certificate and immediately after the signing pen and ink is thrown away as a bad omen.

Love letter seven years after delivery: in 2011 there was a campaign by a government post office in China, which encourages a love letter writing to married couples, which is forwarded to the spouse, seven years after marriage will be, the objective of this initiative was actually able to remember to reduce the divorce rate in the country to seven years after the love letter to his wife, who introduced him love again.

Strange laws of divorce proves to be an incredible experience to get a divorce where there are strange divorce laws in many countries around the world.

The Philippines is the only country in the world, the law does not permit divorce their citizens today. However, a report by ABC News shows that the highest divorce rate in Japan between 2000 to 1985.

Shows the reasons that the Japanese custom of couples divorcing in 2006 after twenty years of marriage has become more common. Experts say that this was due to retire hsbnd syndrome is a marriage of reason who live outside the country of employment and do not know his wife, but they look like defect in his retirement are.

Compensate third parties for divorce in the United States in seven states, including New Mexico and Mississippi, marriage failure can be attributed to a third party and wedding damage to the third person bad marriage can be filed for compensation money, but have the evidence needed to prove the allegation.

SaaS may not be mistreated because of divorce: Kansas State has a law in marriage and divorce to maintain over the long term. It is not allowed, under which both parties that they can divorce each other on the abuse or bad relationship with the mother.

Humor allow divorced people to marry if under which there is a law of divorce in the US state of Delaware If a person gets married to fulfill humor or condition, it filed for divorce later laughter from the law while allowing the excitement of the wedding fun.

Divorced from a second marriage is the right of tribal women in Australia that they either agree to divorce her husband, then a second to get rid of marriage as their first married is automatically canceled.

A man from fourth marriage allowed the US state of Kentucky in it that allow you three times can marry the divorced person, but for the fourth time to marry the person of the state of law is not.

Passed away to kill by poisoning: American Tennessee If your spouse if you try any tactic like poison to kill the soul planyky your divorce may be granted on that basis.

Divorced husband’s mental state error: can you prove it in New York you can get divorced if your partner is not right mental state of life, but is it necessary for that spouse during marriage mental condition was poor for at least five years.

Co divorce impossible without the fault of life: it is necessary to obtain a divorce in the UK partner to the life of much evil has been granted a divorce on the basis of personal dislike is why the couple divorced in United Kingdom for her part, he said, in a case such as divorce, you find strange defect in life wants to divorce his wife because she cooks fish every day.

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