Who is Qandeel Baloch

Recently, a girl named Qandeel Baloch has been in the lime lights of social media. She has become famous instantly due to her bold videos uploaded in a very popular social media platform. People don’t know who really is Qandeel Baloch, what does she do and who are her ancestors and relatives. Today, we will reveal all things you need to know about Qandeel Baloch.

With a demand to hide his name, a person who have been very close to Qandeel has talked with us and has given us the inside information about the past of Qandeel Baloch. According to him, Qandeel was born on November 15, 1990, at Lahore’s famous red light district called “Heera Mandi”. Her mother is a famous actress and a well-known prostitute among the prostitution fraternity. Qandeel can speak Urdu, English, Siraiki, Punjabi and Potohari languages. She has completed her MA degree from a local university. Qandeel is not her real name. Her mother named her ‘Shabana’. Her father divorced her mother few months after getting married, and after a brief period of time, Qandeel was born. Her father is a renowned politician from Sindh.

One must keep in mind that word ‘Baloch’ in the name of Qandeel Baloch does not represent that she is a Baloch. In fact, she always wanted to become a famous actor. However, every drama serial in which Qandeel has worked, has ended up being a flop. Her ‘Pir’ (Priest) asked her that if she changes her name then this would give way to her being famous. That’s how Qandeel became Qandeel Baloch. Many times she has admitted among her close friends that she chose ‘Baloch’ because she has always adored “Sanam Baloch”. So basically Qandeel is a ‘Baloch’ just like Iftikhar Thakur is a ‘Thakur’. It must be pointed out that Iftikhar became famous as a Thakur because of his character Thakur, otherwise he admitted that he does not belong to Thakur cast.

Qandeel’s mother always wanted that her daughter should not become an ordinary prostitute, rather she should make her place among the well-known and educated people. In order to do that, she gave excellent education to Qandeel that led to her graduating from a university. Also her mother introduced her to political circles in Islamabad.

For this purpose, Qandeel settled in Islamabad and lived in a rented house. However, her value and status does not go up. She even tried to become a singer and took part in a reality show and singing competition called “Pakistan Idol” and failed miserably. After trying everything to make her famous and failing to do that, one of her close friends suggested her that she should use the power of social media to make herself famous. He suggested that she should upload bold and erotic videos on social media. This friend himself has worked in done some small role in various drama serials. He is renowned for his fat nose. Currently he is working as a ‘Manager’ for Qandeel Baloch.

Qandeel’s bold videos were a massive hit among social media circles. Qandeel was able to receive cheap publicity by uploading erotic and offensive videos. Recently, she deliberately gave a video message to Captain of Pakistan Cricket team Shahid Afridi during the ICC T20 World Cup 2016 held in India. Soon after she released a teaser, wearing lingerie and showed he intention of going nude in her upcoming video. However, few people have consulted with law firm for filing lawsuit against Qandeel due to her vulgar videos. Qandeel is now planning to get settled in UAE or USA and continue uploading vulgar videos.

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2 thoughts on “Who is Qandeel Baloch

  1. Actually she is a sick minded person.His manager with fat nose is a not more but a fool.Her mother should need to be sincere to her and guide her and survive in the showbiz honorably. To introduce as the most objectionable and vulgar figure and character is nor more acceptable and prestigious.At last she is highly qualified individual ,and knowledge is light and awareness .In order to get fame.there are many ways which are positive,constructive and also honorable.Down the objectionable videos is a cheap way and to be hated by every one.So.she should not follow the wrong ,illegal and bad guidance by her so called manager.Modesty is the ornament of a.women.Her mother need to leading positive role in order to save her daughter, Duniya and Akhrat.At last we have to account for all our actions,believe.

    1. Absolutely True, She is Behaving like a Cunt. She must not do these vulgar things and Pakistani Govt must stop her as she is also ruining the Name of the Nation

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