US politics and US Muslims

The fact that two parties of American politics revolves mainly kidneys Republicans and Democratic – Republican Party is the right-wing liberal interpretation of traditional doctrine and the Democratic Party of the Left.

Some permanent social issues of American politics which is present in both sybd clear division last decades of the parties promptly – some of the key issues of abortion, have an impact on the legal status of the sexes in marriage, death and religion Government related – Republicans are strongly opposed to abortion and that he believes the ungrateful are vision, while Democrats believe in the fundamental right of native women – I think the Republicans may be between a man and a woman marry Democrats This is a religious concept and a secular state can not refer to religion to attribute their own rules that it is a question of individual freedom so that we do not ban the sexes wedding – even about his death the two parties have something to watch such distinctions – that’s a big part of Democrats think the death penalty should be abolished, while Republicans think it is an effective law.

Mainly US law, secular law under which the state must remain neutral in religious matters – Democrats want the state to maintain strict secularism while Republicans are not bad religion intervened in many places – for example in the Darwin in schools is being tried by years be taught not to do it evolution or end or well described in the Bible about the universe and the creation of man as a substitute in schools be taught as – nearly all Republican leaders of the past have been encouraging their efforts, but all such efforts, leaving a half, American courts one by doing that finished rejected, saying the or of some religions.

The number of Muslims in the United States is close to five million the overwhelming majority of people who own or have the last or the last generation, the United States, fleeing from a Muslim-majority country – the ideological leanings of the population estimated that only nine per cent, according to two surveys conducted in twelve that can be applied American Muslims called liberal myself – which was mentioned above social issues American Muslims overwhelmingly Republicans on the unanimous – abortion, gay and do not agree with the American Muslim Republicans on the death penalty, but sometimes leave behind the Republicans insist on their opinions accuracy – not very different on Darwin’s Theory – state to advise the biggest Islamic Centre urged Muslim parents in New Jersey to bring their children if Darwin’s home, they throw out the window bit-when Darwin’s theory in the Kansas of the curriculum

In the recent history of the Republican Party, the popularity of George W. Bush got to be Ronald not to the Reagan and complete because of Bush’s right-wing ideology and Friends shared a commitment – Bush because of his ideological leanings received an unprecedented support of the Americans – two thousand years of Muslim organizations the Bush campaign fundraising and a multi Pew Research survey athhtr% of voters believe he voted for George W. Bush.

But the situation began to move away at Bush’s foreign policy after 9/11, the administration been changing rapidly and the Muslims and the Republican Party – until it readies to vote for Barack Obama in the election sixty per cent of Muslims

The California Republican Party presidential candidates tragedy such statements were against Muslims and Hillary Clinton aggressively respond to statements like that. Given this situation can be said openly that despite the clear differences in social values ​​overwhelming majority of Americans would give him time to vote Democrat Party candidate.

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