Why is love and why would anyone want to? What science has revealed ?

Why is love and why would anyone want to? For crying and in how far it is to reach the destination? These questions are extremely important time for the old man. Incidentally, if you would have heard of stories about it, but the opening is difficult.

Support research to find answers to these questions of social psychology professor viren swami and he has presented his interesting research world. According to the Daily Mail Professor Swamy said that the existence of things and often based on folk wisdom about love. How likely is that two people love each other law or principle can not be said about this, but there are some factors that are largely increases possibilities of love, he said.

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Professor Swami’s geographic proximity to the style largely on the possibility of love between two people is the most important thing or not. He said that the majority of those arrested loving couples are living together or having them is from the same region or city. The relationship of love between those who live in distant cities and countries are less likely to be developed. If you are likely to create a relationship if you want someone else to read or work with it are also growing.
Another important point is that if you want someone more likely to want from her. Express your desire that your ways and behave. When you are able to show that their behavior affects other hand, the impact, if you are feeling like, love and respect for anyone.

Professor Swamy said that people of different temperament and personality is the biggest misconception about love feel more attracted to each other. They say it is anti-science and logic. Those figures lessens the possibility of engaging in them are very different from each other. They say that the attraction of the pie than between two people who feel the same myself. For example, could a similar age, education and family background as one might, what they like and hobbies can be the same.

Love is the key to match various aspects Although Professor Swami, but the most important thing is to have the same values. Most are of the same ideas and beliefs among those who most love and strong mutual attraction. These ideas and beliefs are social, political and religious. If you love to disagree or her chances of survival are very low.

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