Blue Beam Project

A few days ago, the newspaper stated something odd. In China, a city floating in the sky was seen. This city was named, floating city.  People who read it declared it sensational, rather than giving it attention. But in reality, it did happen. People saw the city above the clouds which included a queue of high buildings.A  Huge ship was seen in the sky among the clouds.  People are also reported to witness strange creatures in the sky. Creatures, which have not been common to man.  Its video was made and uploaded in YouTube. The video was viewed by a ton of people. A lot of people were curious to know about it. The video got many likes and views. People from different countries also identified the same objects in the sky.

According to the research of Majnu Diwana, a blogger working on, airborne items were seen in the air last century.  Many people identified these flying objects in the sky, which belonged to aliens. One moment these objects were seen in the sky and the next they were gone. Were the people lying, daydreaming or were drunk? Or did these flying objects actually existed?  No, it wasn’t like that. The people were in fact telling the truth. It wasn’t their imagination. Did the people actually  see any alien coming out from the space crafts? This does not even make sense. The presence of aliens and aircrafts is something  extremely strange. There is no existence of aliens. These misconceptions were from some ordinary people. Before we talk about this further, I would like to say something first. That if one day you identify a huge space craft emerging from the clouds. The aliens from the spacecraft claim themselves the God and ask you to praise and obey them. What can you possibly do? A lot of naïve people will say yes to this statement, but not the rest. Adults do not live in fantasy. These are children who believe in aliens from space or another planet. Adults ask for logical explanations.

People who are aware of the background behind this will never believe it. However, it is stated that the appearance of spacecrafts is not something which will never happen. In Europe and America, people have claimed to witness extraterrestrial objects in the sky. In some occasions people saw Hazrat Isa in the sky while in some places, people saw angels flying round the clouds. Several objects have been identified within the sky. Scientists are also unable to answer peoples questions.

What is actually the cause behind this? Which organization or power is behind this and why are they a secret? Is it something confidential? Or is the government aware of the situation? A lot of these questions remain unanswered to common man, regardless of the immense amount of interest they own regarding the situation. It is not only the adults who are eager to know more, but also the youth and children.

A think tank in Canada, by the name, Educateyourself provides reports on all the social and scientific issues that engulf the world. This is, however, the report from think tank.

This report can be found on the website, Serge Monast, a Canadian journalist working with NASA was carrying out research on this project. Serge Manast along with another journalist died due to a heart attack. The other journalist had a heart attack during his stay in Ireland. It is, however, not sure, if their research was even completed or not.

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