Is LMS really an alternative to physical training

LMS stands for learning management system. It is basically a software application. The  Learning management system is also known as e-learning. These are training programs which provide guidance concerning administration, documentation, tracking, delivery of electronic and reporting. Not only is LMS provided to employees, but college and university administration also use it to hand out online courses and augment on-campus courses. Even the corporate training sector uses LMSs to carry out online training.

There can be no doubt regarding the fact that LMS is being used by several organizations, but on the other hand there are several drawbacks to LMS too. LMS is said to reduce the effectiveness of the learning solution. E-learning should not be made compulsory.

Not all the people are comfortable with LMS. A lot of people are more comfortable with face to face conversations than to work behind a computer screen. In this way, the many advantages of physical training are over-looked. On many occasions, people do not own all the equipment required to run complicated elearning modules. Sometimes the people in the remote areas do not have access to internet either. In this way, working with elearning is an unreliable process. The LMS should not be the only way to learn.

Moreover, organizations can not force people what to do. Children are told what to do, but not adults. Adults like to work in their own way. Telling someone how they must do something can print a negative impression.Grownups like to choose themselves. In this way, learning management system can sometimes be forceful.

To carry out training through the learning management system the higher staff must be influential. If it is not then learning through elearning can become a headache. Staff would have to keep a check on all the people in order to make sure they are abiding by the rules of learning management system. This can be a logistical and administrative nightmare. Firstly, staff has to decide that which employees need training, full-time employees or part-time employees. This can be a tiring job for the managing staff. The managing staff has to be responsible to track down which employee is working according to the rules and regulations. This adds to their responsibilities.

Moreover, it is also believed that management can force people to train but cannot force them to learn. Some people can also press the next option. There is no guarantee if they have read everything and then have proceeded. Say, there is a quiz, and all the employees are expected to submit their scores soon. The employees may share their answers. Moreover, employees can also continue on guessing the correct answer until they guess correctly.

The learning management system is not an alternative to physical training. Physical training is more reliable. Physical training can help people learn more. It can help them have a better understanding.

If people really want to make use of this system then they have to convey their message to the people regarding the significance of this. Communications must be sent out before you release your elearning. Regional or divisional meetings can be held with the students or the employees to encourage them. The managers should be encouraged to promote and advertise so that the employees gain an interest and adopt elearning with devotion. Furthermore, not everything should be in a soft copy. If people want to have something they can touch and store, allow them. The learning management system or website can also have a feature of forum or chat. In this way, people or trainees can communicate with the managing staff in case of any inquiry

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