Is Iran a success story

Iran plays an important role in the global economy. The contribution of Iran cannot be ignored. It is also believed that Iran is an emerging power.

Last year, after several meetings held between Iran, United States and five other countries, sanctions on Iran were lifted. After Iran agreed to curtail the development of nuclear weapons, the economic sanctions have been erased. Once these sanctions were removed, Iran was expected to increase its export of oil. These nuclear talks are marked as an opportunity for Iran to get right with the world. Iran can regain its position in the world economy.

Many foreign countries are expected to strengthen its ties with Iran for the import of oil. Foreign countries are also expected to invest in the development of new reserves of oil in Iran. This gives Iran immense power and significance. Iran will double its export of oil. The new exports would be probably lowered to $40 per barrel. In this way, many countries will prefer to import oil from Iran.

Iran is a country with the 27th largest GDP in the world. It has a population of 78 million people. The central bank of Iran estimated that this GDP comprises of 12% agriculture, 52% services, 18% oil, 5% construction and 13% mining and manufacturing. Many countries of the West aim to invest in Iran. The investment is not only expected in the oil sector, but also in the manufacturing sector. Even after sanctions were imposed on Iran, several companies continued to invest in Iran. Some of these companies were, Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola and Danone.

According to several surveys it is concluded that Iran is a significant country which is the most successful among the Muslim countries. The population of Iran is also much greater than most of the other Muslim countries. Iran gives immense importance to its education sector. The quality of education in Iran has a high standard and is also expected to improve and thrive. The standard training in the subject, Mathematics is also much ahead than in many other countries. Schools in Iran own great facilities for not only the students from their own country but also from others. Scholarships are provided for foreign students. The entrance exam for the universities in Iran is highly competitive. Iranian government stresses upon the need for extra curriculum activities too. Olympiads are held in which the students participate actively. This is the reason behind the success of Iran as it aims to improve its education sector.

There are several factors which have made Iran a successful country. Iran has established rigorous training in the standard high school curriculum. The population of Iran is also greater than the population of other Muslim countries.

After the uplifting of the sanctions Iran will be able to strengthen its ties with other countries. It would have access to tens of billions of dollars. This would help the  Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Not only would it assist the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), but also boost the Tehran`s oil industry. Iran will be able to reconnect with the companies. Iran would also obtain around $100 billion. This amount of money and the  interest of other companies to start business in Iran, highlight the fact that Iran is an emerging power.

The economy of Iran is expanding making it a successful country. Iran has abundant resources of hydrocarbon. Many countries look forward to invest in Iran. Iran has a highly educated work force. This efficient workforce can develop software businesses, military businesses, etc. Iran is also famous for its assembling of cars and crafted rugs.

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