How technology is changing NFL

Football fans are present in almost every corner on earth. With emerging technology the football game has become more accessible. Advancements in technology have changed the game of football in many ways.

Football fans watch and comments the game quite differently than they used to 10 to 15 years back. The game is consumed completely differently. The way things are run on the field and the sidelines by the players and the coaching staff is also regarded as different than it used to.

The use of headset by the quarterback has also changed. It is upgraded to digital headsets. This radio system was evolved in 2012.

Tablets are also used by players and coaches. These tablets are considered to be of great help as players are able to decipher what went wrong or what went right. Video replays are watched directly on the tablet.

Specific players are introduced with the Mic`d Up feature. This is the feature, in which some of the players in the field wear a mike. In this way, the video clips are watched with audio. The clips are often edited so that something which is non-family friendly is not broadcasted.

10 to 15 years ago, there were only three ways to watch a football game. We could either go to the stadium, hear it on the radio or watch the game on TV. With advancement in technology, the game can be watched with the help of the internet. People can download mobile applications which broadcast live football game. Several applications also provide updates and latest news regarding the games. NBC is one of the applications commonly used for this.

Although many people still believe that nothing compares to watching the game in the stadium, advancement in technology has made football more accessible.

Photographs of plays have been replaced by Microsoft Surfaces. This allows the players and the coaches to gain more information out of their play calling. Game analytics have become more prominent.  The system has upgraded to the availability of 24 high-speed cameras to capture a red-zone from several angles. This is something which was not present around 15 years back in the football games. This makes it easy to reach a fair decision. Controllers are able to spin about and capture the best angle of the game. In this way, not only judgment can be made more easily, but the audience gets a wider view. Due to technology players in the field are easily identified by viewers. Viewers do not have to take much time to deduce which in which. Technology had changed early every aspect of the football game so far. Even the way players are treated after an injury is different than the way they were treated a couple of years ago. Play calling and drafting are also affected due to technology. Moreover, communication before or during the game has also been a victim of the advanced technology.  There is an introduction of video scoreboards. Even the players after a score are found looking at the video scoreboard than the field. This is adopted by other runners in the field too. Video displays have affected the coaches as well. Coaches save the time to count and write down the scores themselves. During the game several decisions are to be made within a time span of several seconds. This is where, video scoreboards come handy. Coaches review the scoreboard. They are used by audiences too.

Another innovation of NFL is the use of virtual reality. This is used to train quarterbacks. Without tough and harsh practices, quarterbacks can be trained with the help of virtual reality.

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