Prevention against Zika Virus

The mosquito, Aedes species, is responsible for Zika Virus. The bite of an Aedes species mosquito causes the virus to fuse into the bloodstream. There are several symptoms of this virus. These include, fever, pain in the joints, rash and conjunctivitis.These symptoms are usually noticed after a time span of 2-12 days. The symptoms of Zika virus are similar to that of dengue and chikungunya. The virus remains in the blood of an infected person for a week. It can be found longer than this.

Many people do not even find out that they have Zika Virus at an early stage. A person who had been a victim of Zika virus once is unlikely to get infected again. There is no specific treatment for Zika virus, neither is there any particular medicine.

To prevent Zika virus, it is important that we are aware of the facts regarding this virus. There is no vaccine made until now that can prevent this virus. Moreover, the mosquito usually bites at the time of day. Furthermore, sexual transmission of Zika virus can be prevented by wearing condoms and not having sexual intercourse.

To prevent Zika virus there are certain steps that are essential. It is advised that people wear shirts with full sleeves. People should stay indoors during the daytime and make use of windows to make sure the mosquitoes stay outside. People should make use of mosquito bed net if they are overseas or are sleeping outside.

Mosquito repellants also come in handy when we talk about ways to prevent Zika virus. Insect repellents registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should be used. These repellents are safe and easy to use. Even pregnant and breast-feeding women are also recommended to use these insect repellents for safety. The insect repellents must be used as instructed by your doctor or as mentioned on the bottle. The repellent spray must not be sprayed on the skin under clothing.

Mothers are advised to not use insect repellent for their kids under the age of 2. Mothers can cover their children. Mosquito netting, Stoller and cover crib can be used. Permethrin or Permethrin-treated items can be washed with the clothes. Treating our clothes makes sure the mosquito remains at a distance. DEET (N, N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide) and IR3535 (3-[N-acetyl-N-butyl]-aminopropionic acid ethyl ester) are some of the chemicals which must be present in effective repellents. The label instructions must be followed accurately.

During travel people should be very cautious. They should use protection in case of sexual intercourse.

If a person has Zika virus he should make sure the virus is not spread. Zika virus can be passed sexually from the infected person to another. The virus can be present in the semen longer than it is present in the blood. In this way, infected people should avoid having sexual intercourse with their partner as long as they are infected. Mosquitoes and their breeding sites prove to be a risk factor for this virus. The breeding sites of mosquitoes should be reduced through source reduction. Moreover, it is extremely significant to make sure there is no water collected in a container or bucket. The buckets or containers full of water must be covered with a lid. Communities must work together in order to make sure their surroundings are clean with no collection of stagnant water.

To treat Zika virus the person should have rest and should avoid any tiresome job. To relieve fever and pain medicine such as Acetaminophen can be used. Intake of fluids is necessary to prevent dehydration. Moreover, if conditions worsen the patient can be admitted in the hospital.

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