The TV Host and her Hijab Urooj Nasir

A Pakistani drama has the privilege that’s it’s been watch by many countries of the world. The credit goes to the Directors, Writers and eventually to the talented actors and actress who act it beautifully on screen.

Among such actress Urooj Nasir (now Urooj Asif) is one such fine actress who very quickly got herself recognized by her work in no time. Why? At the time when she entered showbiz she was very young and talented and was admired and loved by the youngsters a lot.

Immediately in her starting she appeared in a number of different drama serials. Some of her famous drama serials were Lunda Bazar, Najanay Kyun. It’s not she went unnoticed by the local and International Film Industry, she denied them due to some concerns regarding being comfortable. Later on she appeared as one of the top female host. Along with that she appeared in different commercials. She was also a part of some famous brands and their advertising campaigns. She has served Pakistan Entertainment Industry till 2011.

This article is about how he managed life and work after he started practicing hijab. So sit back grab a cup of tea or coffee along with biscuits or chips (that what I like, you can have what you are comfortable with!)

According to Urooj herself:

The journey towards me taking veil started back in 2005 when Pakistan encountered an earth quake attack.

After I joined showbiz I started getting roles in dramas and in no time I gained popularity in Pakistan Showbiz. Meanwhile I started hosting morning shows which was a different experience for me as you get to meet and interview different people from different fields every day. Also we have to conduct programs on different occasions as well like 14th august, 6th September, Eid, Muharram, Friday transmission etc.

So I don’t know how but this thing strike my head that on religious occasion like Eid Milad –un- Nabi, Muharram, Friday Transmission and etc. we have been told by the program directors that you have to cover your head and wear proper unrevealing dress whereas as that particular transmission is over we get back to the limelight fashionable stuffs, usage of hair extensions (as my hairs were short in length), dance and music and all that stuff. Why is that so? Why there is so much hypocrisy? Isn’t this a double standard?

So such kind of questions always arises in my head back then. The media over the years had made fun of women up till now. Forget about the international media.

So a thinking process started in me and my focus slowly and gradually shifted towards Allah (The Creator of All), why I am in this world? What is my purpose in life?

So eventually while I was hosting a Moharram transmission, there was a show which was related to Hijab, Cheddar and Parda and on the concluding remarks I added that this show might be the turning point in my life as I might from now on won’t remove Abaya (Women head cover)and other veil dress.

Also this point touched me a lot when Bibi Zainab daughter of Hazarat Ali (Razi Allahu Tala Anhu) was snatched from her in the Karbala War.

I have also heard that when a women after dead is presented before Allah apart from the cloth from which we cover our dead one’s there is also a piece of cloth which actually covers the women head, so I thought to myself that if one cannot come in front of Allah without hijab than why not take hijab in this world as well.

And I am thankful to my family and especially my husband for supporting me in this.

So after those 10 days of me taking Abaya I contacted my channel and told them that from now I will prefer to work like this as I cannot remove my Abaya. I was fully prepared that no matter what I cannot remove it, even if they axe me down from the show.

Khuda Hafiz! (See you later!)(That was there response.)

On one hand I was getting support from my family whereas on the other hand I was also facing tough time emotionally, socially, financially, from the people too. But then I started convincing myself that why put an ear on what people says as they have even pointed fingers on Ambiya (The messengers from Allah towards mankind).

On people comment I use to say to them, “I have become religiously modern and stylish.”

When I quit acting even at time after every six months Mr. Mahesh Bhatt used to call me and wanted my response that either I am available or not to act under his script.

I am very grateful to Allah.

Because after that HE didn’t let me down and I am still earning if not more than the same amount when I was in Showbiz (at the peak of my career). Now I am running an online hijab business as well by the name . Rs.500 was the amount which I earned the first time through it.
Along with that just after 18days when my baby girl was born I got a call to host an Islamic Show.

Moreover I even was invited to host 14 programs of 14th august transmission. On top of that I hosted Youm –e – Shuhada Pakistan, one of the most dignified Pakistan Army Show.

Since I was a showbiz person so it’s common for me to be aware of everything and now Allah has given me Hidayat (a term people refers towards a person when his/her life becomes reflection of Allah’s obedience). Also my aim is to realize and give awareness to those Muslim girls who are roaming around in society half naked or sleeveless. Even to such girls/woman, who will be in hijab at home but unveils it when they attend a wedding function or when they move out from their home.
My message to my sisters who take hijab or have initiated taking it is:

“Be Confident! No matter what you do. You only need to make your Allah happy. If HE is happy with you everyone will and vice versa. Also only hijab is not everything. It’s your behavior towards others that count a lot.”

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