Pakistani dramas current depiction

To act, do or perform instead simply Drama. That’s right! All these words stand for the Greek word drama. Drama has a history right from Greek to Romans to English and so on. Let’s just don’t dwell into the history. Moving forward it is something which is neither comedy nor tragedy. Later on singing and dancing became part of drama as well.

Drama is actually a way to communicate an idea, philosophy, concept, history nearly everything which lies within a society.
As we know very well that the world is commonly known as west and east. So you will normally hear western country and their culture and eastern countries and their culture. Every country wishes to show their culture to promote their message through the medium of dramas.
Pakistan is an agriculture country who got freedom and born on the world map on 14th august 1947. The people of Pakistan are very simply, peace loving, caring, friendly, loving and famous for their hospitality.

Pakistan is the land of people where we will find a lot of talent in every field but from the rest two things Pakistan is very much famous for: one is sports stuff manufacturing and the 2nd is drama and Sufi-music.

Pakistani dramas they are world best. Nothing can beat it. Not even Hollywood. That is for sure. The written material, actors, actresses, and direction everything is simply brilliant. Other cultures teach their children about family values through Pakistani dramas. So they are a source of information as well. Indian people are crazy about Pakistani dramas which is been banned by Indian Govt.
Middle East, western countries everywhere they were very much popular and still are. The proud thing is that the whole family can sit together and watch this drama which is hard to find in other cultures. Now others are coping and trying to make family material drama but the quality is not even close to that of Pakistani dramas.

So, without any doubt it’s been confirmed that Pakistani dramas are been watched worldwide.
These are the good things, but as we know that right and wrong go hand in hand. Apart from the positive image so far up till this era, we will find Pakistani dramas which are actually portraying or spreading a different message. For example there is a drama on air which shows a typical love story everything like it has been said earlier is superb but all of a sudden there comes a point when an already married woman having kids start living with her ex- lover in order to seek roof to live by. It’s not that she is too poor, or she is illiterate, or she cannot manage a house to live by or borrow/arrange money from her well-established parents. Such things are not common in Pakistani society but as we know the whole family watches such drama altogether so they can put or give different signals, mindset or a thought to young minds or even to adults who are married or going to be married soon that this is also a way which if time comes can be taken as it’s been taken in such particular drama by their favorite actor/actresses, so why can’t they take it. It will be right that’s why it has been shown in a powerful manner. In every society not every person is a thinker. Majorities are those who are doers, they just have to do that no matter what. They don’t care whether it’s right or wrong because that is beyond their level. That’s why laws, regulations are there in societies to avoid such acts which later on turns into disaster.

There is another drama, which is a love story of a husband and wife. The wife is the core love of husband. But the wife fell for another man and wanted to marry him. The wife has only her mother and no one else. The husband agrees and let her go. After some episodes the wife realizes that the new man is a fraud and immediately wants to re-marry the old husband. In between it’s been showed that the wife is moving with her ex-husband like old times. They are eating together with a bit of a chit chat. Moving together in the same car like a couple which they were and at present are not. So again this is not the actual portray of Pakistani Society. No matter how modern the Pakistani’s become deep down the family bonding is still present, which is the essence of their society. So this too can give an impression especially to young girls who haven’t seen the true colors of the world or even to adult married women that it’s okay to break up a marriage in search of the true or so called real love. It’s okay if the kid’s future is at stake. It’s okay if the younger one needs my nursing. It’s okay whatever the society says. I wished for something (which seems to be right but later on turned to be a bad decision) and I am going after it. Who cares if I am losing a wonderful loving husband.

Such decisions related to marriage are very crucial in Pakistani society and for the whole family, all the uncles, aunt, elders in relationship gathers together to find the best possible solution. The marriage here is like a marriage between two families and not between single man and woman.
The most powerful relationship is that of husband and wife. If that is compromise than it impacts the kids, who will later on become a part of society and since they have seen things during their upbringing like their mother went for some other guy, harsh behavior, beating, absent mannerism, no respect for elders they will teach the same old thing to their kids and the nation will be full of such people which cannot be referred to as today’s Pakistani society up till now.

Dramas are a way of entertainment. That is true that the Pakistani family still at present whenever get’s time watch together. But if such elements are incorporated then later on they will lose their strong family bonding, moral values, respect for elders and all their essence which the whole world sees in them and wish they might have in their family system because if we look closely we will find materialism everywhere. We will find talented individual who don’t even know about family infrastructure. In an interview one of the world’s famous entrepreneur stated that “I am a good manager but a poor father.” They don’t know any joy or happiness which we get from one of our over-weighted next town resident aunt who invades our house with her half a dozen orange mango kids or one of our uncle’s who always want us to be present in the market to bring him his stuff.

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