The face behind MARVI girl (Mahnoor Baloch)

A woman is most beautiful when she smiles”, yes indeed and it’s true for none other than Marvi girl. Mahnoor Baloch – Marvi girl was a US born Pakistani model, who later on appeared in number of dramas and did direction and production as well. Sources says that she belongs to a Sindhi family but according to a close Hum TV director friend she is actually Punjabi (there is a contradiction to that).Luckily her family was well settled in Canada, so she also holds a Canadian Nationality as well. She was born in 1970 and before joining showbiz she had a craze for Psychiatry.

At a very early age about 15 years, (as she belongs to Sindhi family where in the past there was a huge emphasis on early marriage) at her parents wish she got married to Hamid Siddiqui who himself was 17 years old at that time.
She first got introduced in a play named –Marvi which was a huge success. She did not play the central role in the drama but even though her small role was that of a chulbuli girl was enough to make her a star. In the very next play she played the role the daughter of Actor Abid Ali. She believes that modeling, acting, direction are things which she do because she is good at it. She started off from modeling then after a while she started acting then after a while she realized it’s time to do direction and then she headed for production as well. She even went to Canada to study direction. Among all the three, modeling is her real strength. She has done cat-walk but prefers modeling over it. Besides that she has acted in a number of plays and has done direction and production well. There was a time in her life when she said to herself that I want to do a film.
She made her debut Lollywood movie “Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi” in Pakistan. Following the latest trend of Item Songs she even did an item song in this movie along with co-actress Mathira.

She is an actress which can easily be flattened if you praise her a lot. She actually admitted that in an interview, when the host praised her a lot. She said that you had made my day.

Apart from local work, she has also appeared in a debut Hollywood movie, Torn in which she played the role of Maryam, a mother whose teenage son get killed in an explosion at a suburban mall.

Mahnoor Baloch in an interview said that she loves acting and want to do every kind of roles. But due to her looks and beauty directors and producers casts her in very limited domain roles. For instance she cannot get the role of a poor girl. She does not look poor from any angle. Nobody will cast him for the role of mother or saas because her son or daughter will look much older than her. As far as saas role is concerned she will look much younger than her daughter in law.

Her daughter is married now and living a happy life. So now the Marvi girl is all ready to become Grandmother.

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  1. “Nobody will cast him for the role of mother or saas because her son or daughter will look much older than her”.

    Is she a male.

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