Silent Scream

Abortion is considered a sin by many. However, thousands of abortion take place every year throughout the world. I would ask everyone to carefully read this article. And if your heart beat starts to pump up after reading this article then you must share it with others.

In 1984, a conference named, “National Rights to Life Convention” was held in USA. During this conference, an obstetrician, NARAL Pro-Choice America founder, and abortion provider turned pro-life activist Dr. Bernard Nathanson showed a video documentary that shocked the world.

In this video documentary, Dr. Bernard narrated the entire process as to how a living human man being is being systematically destroyed in 15 minutes to a pile of trash. The documentary shows abortion process of a fifteen-week old baby through ultrasound video.

the baby girl was very active and fit under the womb of her mother. She was turning round and licking her thumb. After that starts a long and agonizing process for fetus called the abortion.

In order to make suction pump suck every nook and cranny out of the womb, there has to be systematic cutting of every part of body with the help of forceps. As one of the touch the women’s body, the baby girl starts to squeeze in in order to safe herself from the outside forces.

Before the operation, the heartbeat of the child is around 120 beats per second. after the introduction of these instruments, the heartbeat of the unborn child shoots up to 200 beats per second.

In order to introduce suction cannula, the head of baby girl must be crushed in order to suck it out. The ultrasound shows how this unborn child is trying to dodge the forceps. As these forceps first cut the feet, the child is shown screaming with mouth open and crying, however, this time no one can hear the scream from inside the women’s body. It then cut the abdomen and hands and then finally the scull.

The whole body was cut in such a way as if it wasn’t a living thing. After going through this process, the doctor who did the abortion watched the video. The visuals were so violent that he never did this procedure again in his life and left the clinic where he used to do these abortion procedures. Remember, just one share of this article can safe numerous lives of those unborn.

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