What happens with child who gets taken away illegally

According to a report when a transporting truck got caught, what was inside was horrifying. Medium sized cardboard full of children cunningly injected using unconscious drug with lips sealed by tape. Later on it was disclosed that these children were abducted from all over the world and delivered to Singapore as victims only for the purpose to take away their inner organs like kidneys, lungs and eyes.

Sometimes back, there was a post published in one of British Newspaper about British Citizen that seeks organ donations from underdeveloped countries. Sometimes the organ is taken away against the donor’s permission.

Organ donation is been running as a sinful aggressive business worldwide especially in underdeveloped countries. It started off by buying the donor with money but with lust already on its height now children are being used as organ donors.

Recently children from all over Pakistan especially Punjab mystically be lost to sight repeatedly. Pakistan Law Enforcement Agencies up till now has given baseless explanations. A humble request is that they should think such sort of kidnapping linking to children organ donations hence expanding their investigation domain. What if the building blocks of Pakistan is becoming the victim of such sinful business? The answer to this question has yet not been answered.

On the other hand parents need to be vigilant and has to take even better care for their child by not letting them out without purpose. Moreover, any family member, neighbor, aunt, uncle should keep an eye on small children during their playing hours. Keep save keep your child protected. God protect our children from such a disgusting social disease.

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